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This year in February, I was on a business trip to Singapore and I bought some shirts in your store. I was highly impressed with the quality. will be in Singapore again at the beginning of December and would like to purchase some more shirts. Do you tailor also long sleeved shirts?


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The Perfect Suit
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What is the meaning of the phrase "The Perfect Suit"?  What notions and aspects of a suit cross a person's mind? Are evenly-spaced stitching and dot-to-dot measurements the only standardizations that matter and therefore allow for a suit to be called perfect? The perfect suit is one that provides gratification on all levels and conveys to its owner a sense of confidence, class and comfort. It is a fascinating expedition where one uncovers traditional craftsmanship, art and excellence and discovers a personal sense of style, to which he did not know, existed.
Imagine a specifically tailored suit, with a particular type of style, with just the right shade or color, with just the perfect length, with easily accessible pockets, with the best buttons and with a perfectly faultless fit?! Now, visualize having your very own perfect suit that would be your pride for innumerable no longer a dream. Allow Mohan's Tailors bring it to reality… in the form of THE PERFECT SUIT, the suit meant just for YOU!!

All of Mohan's Tailors clothing is still totally custom made the old fashioned way in our own workrooms to the highest grade available in the industry. In a business where mass production rules, out tailors still hand cut and stitch each garment to a customers individual paper pattern, which is then kept on file for future orders. Hand sewing this way creates a soft supple look with a sturdy finish that will always look good no matter how much abuse it takes.
All our garments are hand-made by our experienced tailors. We guarantee that our custom tailored products are of top-quality standard. Our fully lined and hand stitched tailoring ensure that the finished garments are comfortable, durable, and fashionable.
Time Required
Most of our full custom tailored products can be made ready within a week to ten days . For special requests, we will have your suit ready within 24hours, while our high quality standard is still maintained.
Normally, a time is set for our customers to come for a first fitting, so that our tailors can make all the necessary alterations and make sure that the finished garments are to the customers' own liking. After the first fitting, we will make all the alterations and have the garments ready for the customers. Our customers will try them on again in the second fitting. In case if any slight alteration is needed, it would be fixed within and ready within a few days.
Professional Service
Our experienced staffs are always ready to inform our customers with professional knowledge and recommendations on choice of fabrics, sizing, and style, etc. during their fittings. With those customers who are not too familiar with custom tailoring, our friendly staff are more than happy to discuss in details anything to help them shop at ease. According to the current fashions, the customers' size and body figure, we can provide helpful ideas on the kind of materials that are most suitable for them.
It is often difficult to provide the exact price of our products, as your choice of fabric and your body size will directly affect the price. Material costs vary depending on the fabric's types and qualities. However, we promise to provide our customers the most reasonable price for our high quality tailoring garments.

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