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This year in February, I was on a business trip to Singapore and I bought some shirts in your store. I was highly impressed with the quality. will be in Singapore again at the beginning of December and would like to purchase some more shirts. Do you tailor also long sleeved shirts?


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A Mohan Tailored Suit

Why is a Mohan Tailored Suit so immaculate? How does it reach its intention of perfection, excellence and flawlessness? What is its journey?

A Mohan's Tailor Suit from its concept to finishing, each detail is viewed with an eagle's eye. Unless every phase is approved and every test is passed, it will not be given the label of Perfection and certainly not the honor to be called a "Mohan's Tailored Suit"!

Perfection and Client Satisfaction is kept in mind when creating a priceless "Mohan's Tailored Suit"!

The Origin
1 Its starts with an introduction to your 'Cutter'. Your Cutter envisions your perfect suit and stays with you throughout the whole process from the foundation until the actual formation. As your consultant and guide, he aids you into selecting the most prominent aspects of creating the perfect suit; also solving dilemmas like what fabric to choose? Which color? What kind of design or shape? Ensuring your measurements are precise and organized, he goes about bringing into reality, the exact suit you had in mind!
The Formation
1 A Mohan's Tailored Suit at this point has begun taking its shape. The cutter has perfectly assigned the design with a paper pattern and starts cutting the design and fabric by hand. This is the traditional method used in Bespoke tailoring to ensure originality and finesse.
The Wholesome Perfection
1 To ensure overall perfection, a Mohan's Tailored suit is professionally viewed from all angles and each piece is handled by its respective departments. For instance, the coat goes to the coat maker while the pants go to the trouser experts. At this point, the cutter himself may not be directly involved in these processes but monitors each and every step with the close scrutiny.
The Fitting
1 Finally, the moment where the Mohan's Tailored suit is ready for fitting! Your personal cutter will stand by you to ensure that the suit is indeed created ONLY for your body; making adjustments wherever needed. This suit is now finished by a demanding group of people in various departments to perfection.
The Final Piece of Art
1 The Mohan's Tailored Suit is now at the ultimate point of finishing, in the form of a fine and faultless piece of art, tailored for your refined image.

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